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Well after plenty of delays…here ya go :-D

damn this mix took some effort to finally get saved and uploaded…the first time i mixed it, things went incredibly, even had some acapella’s layered on…however, the laptop was on the wrong freakin input -> didn’t save. After killing a few small children i redid it the next day. Too bad i forgot to put Jeff Bennet – Motion in there, oh well, thats on one of the deep house radio sets, you should check that out if you like this, but i wanted a ~80min mix so that i could pass out a new promo cd…well anyways, i hope you enjoy it, here’s the tracklisting and i’m off to the drum circle on venice beach

1. Laidback – Beautiful Day (Banzai Republic vs. Trentemoller Vocal Mix) (6:11)
2. Fred Everything – Soulmates (4:38)
3. Aya – Sean (Eric’s 2WFU Dub) (4:07)
4. Frou Frou – Must Be Dreaming (Soul Mekanik Remix) (6:32)
5. Zero 7 – Home (Ben Watt Remix) (6:39)
6. Kaskade – What I Say (5:07)
7. Gavin Froome – Think of You (5:15)
8. Iz and Diz – Love It Dub It (Fred Everything Remix) (5:38)
9. Tiger Stripes – New York New York (Dub Mix) (4:06)
10. Sandy Rivera – Changes (5:34)
11. Radiohead – Everything in its (5:47)
12. Planet Funk – Tight Rope Artist Tale (6:00)
13. Ross Couch – Feel It (4:36)

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Venice Beach Drum Circle

Radio Mix 2-20-06

Well I had my radio show last night and the mix went pretty well, I split it up into house and trance. The first hour was my lil example of what kind of sounds I would have played at Dance Marathon, but really I just bitch to much. Yeah I was overly chatty but I wanted to make a point, none of them really ever “mixed,” well maybe an hour out of 26 but yeah here’s the scoop, i’ll get these sets online tonight after a midterm:

First Hour – House

1. Richard Vission – Freeze (3:51)
2. Olav Basoski – Waterman (Trophy Twins Mix) (4:57)
3. D.O.N.S feat. Technotronic – Pump Up The Jam (D.O.N.S vs Kurd Maverick Extended Mix) (5:50)
4. Chocolate Puma – Always and Forever (7:01)
5. Hatiras and Macca feat Shawna – Spanish Fly (Original Mix A1) (5:00)
6. Beastie Boys Vs Pearn & Bridges – Alive (Club Mix) (6:25)
7. Missy Elliott – Teary Eyed (ATFC Club Mix) (7:38)
8. INXS – Need You Tonight (Static Revenger Club Mix) (5:55)
9. Beyonce – Check On It (Maurice Nu Soul Remix) (6:00)
10. Axwell & Stonebridge presents – Black pony (Axwell & Stonebridge Club Mix) (6:53)
11. Brand New Heavies – Surrender (6:59)

Second Hour – Progressive House / Trance

1. Subway – Thermal (5:38)
2. James Holden – A Break in the Clouds (Ozgur Can Mix) (7:04)
3. Polare – Earshot (Avedon Remix Cut From Micah Set) (8:56)
4. Kriece – Homage to Fromage (Baunder Remix) (8:15)
5. Blank & Jones – Revealed Progressive Mix (7:48)
6. Probspot – Blows My Mind (Probspot Dub Mix) (9:22)
7. Envio – Touched by The Sun (7:31)
8. Robert Nickson – Spiral (6:32)
9. Carrie Skipper – Time Goes by (Super8 Deep Mix) (8:26)
10. Syntone – Can’t Believe It (Original Mix) (5:53)
11. Airwave vs. Rising Star – Sunspot (Original Mix) (7:41)
12. Corydalics – After Sun (Moonforce Remix) (9:47)
13. Kamil Polner – Heart Of Sun (9:06)

Hope you enjoyed it -Charlie


Ok so the good news is that i’ll be relaunching the entire website next week so it won’t be so dark, nasty, and uninformative. I finally made some progress with Student Media and i’ll get the administrative information I need next week. Check out if you’re curious as to what framework we’ll be using.

Ok so the badnews, it’ll be lengthy but informative as to why I’ve been so “busy” or hectic the past two weeks. So after leaving 4 voicemails trying to tell the Dance Marathon people that I would be their puppet and play whatever they gave me as well as my finding of an additional hiphop/rap dj to help me, I get this timid and diffident email saying all of the timeslots are filled…you know what…here you go:

Pertinent Email Correspondence with Dance Marathon

Deep housin’ it for ya

so i’m way too cranky right now after meeting with Dance Marathon people to write a long post about it, but basically they wait a month after telling me everything is alright and musically well to decide today (what, 10 days before the event?) that they can’t have house music at DM. I mean it’d be too weird to have DANCE MUSIC at $%@&#*$ DANCE MARATHON…whatever, like i said, i’m grumpy and i’ll post details after i sort it out with them.

But i’ll relax with some good music and you should too, here’s last monday’s deep house set, Oh and more importantly THANK YOU ALL FOR THE SUPPORT, it’s really quite exciting to actually have listeners for the show, this past show i had 60 people tune in and it felt great, so much thanks and stay tuned, here’s that sexy deep house:

DJ Synergy – Deep House Radio Set 2-06-2006

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