Damaged Goods closing party with Junction SM



If you already RSVP’ed to RSVPdg@beharmonic.com, please resend your RSVP to the RSVPHEAR@GMAIL.COM address, as we may not have received it. If there are any discrepancies the night of the event, we’ll make sure to accommodate at the door!!



Friday 10/8 :: Damaged Goods Closing Party

featuring a 3+ hour Live & DJ set by


{DANDY JACK [live] +


(Perlon, RUTA 5) – GENEVA


DELINQUENT FREQUENCY (Harmonic, Music Savages, Avalon) LA

ROB POINTER (aka Robtronik, Compression) LA

JORGE MEDINA (Gravy, Liesx3) LA

After almost a year of taste-making house and techno performances in the heart of Hollywood, Harmonic prepares to close the DAMAGED GOODS curtain at King King and move back to the underground this Fall with the epic HEAR saga. The captains responsible for this Bon Voyage for the ages are fittingly Harmonic’s favorite electronic music performance to date – JUNCTION SM (Dandy Jack [live] + Sonja Moonear[DJ]). Their set is a minimum 3 hours of perfect mixture of DANDY JACKs live improvisation and SONJA’s record selection. Dandy Jack’s sets are routed through 2 channels of Sonja’s DJ mixer in order to let her control the whole given sound. She can use his sounds as an additional source to her records, but also filter, cut or edit it with several effects. She pitches her records to Dandy Jack’s live set.

The link between the two of them and the crowd is the oxygen that fuels their performance. Depending on the development of the night, Dandy Jack can reload new sets while Sonja is taking over the dance floor, or she slows down her inputs and let Jack performing solo. Out of this chemistry comes a wonderful tension that drives the night till the early hours.Both performers’ inputs are generating such a generous and various sound flow that it gives the impression of a perpetual live production. You will never recognize any pieces, or have any repetition between the sets. The frontier between live sets and spinning records just vanishes. The audience gets lost in trying to figure out who’s doing what, creating an awe-inspiring night of some of the best electronic music you’ll ever hear.DANDY JACK is a live musician well-known through his own productions (Rather Interesting, Perlon, Telegraph..), remixes (Contexterrior, Crosstown Rebels, Roman Photo..), multiple projects (Sieg über Die Sonne, Gon (with Atom Heart), Amp (with Pete Namlook), Ric y Martin (with Ricardo Villalobos), Carabina 30 :30 (with Luciano)), as well as through his amazing energetic live appearances.SONJA MOONEAR is an active DJ from the Swiss mountains, party promoter and an occasional live performer that recently teamed up with French label KARAT for her own productions.

Co-piloting this farewell bonanza will be DAMAGED GOODS, HEAR, Avalon, and Music Savage residents – DELINQUENT FREQUENCY, ROB POINTER (aka Robtronik) of the Compression and the Planetary series, as well as JORGE MEDINA of Animal Club and Lies Lies Lies.

For those who didn’t get a chance to catch JUNCTION SM last year at HEAR, take Harmonic’s advice. DO NOT MISS THIS PERFORMANCE! It is guaranteed to be the most ground breaking electronic music act you’ve seen, not to mention two of the most infectious personalities and energies you’ll ever come across.

Over the past 10 months, there have been some undeniably memorable dance parties at DAMAGED GOODS, and it would only be proper to come celebrate one last time with the DG family at the final installment at King King! HARMONIC would like to thank everyone for their continued support, and looks forward to creating plenty more house and techno memories for years to come!!

DAMAGED GOODS :: Trendsetting and Tastemaking House + Techno::

KING KING 6555 Hollywood Blvd 90028

10pm-4:00am :: 21+

$10 b4 11pm(w/RSVP)/$15 b4 12, $20 after

RSVP :: RSVPhear@gmail.com

Facebook :: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=152030154827983&ref=ts

Resident Advisor :: http://www.residentadvisor.net/event.aspx?194411



Saturday 11/6 :: HEAR 2 Year Anniversary

with a 6+ hour dj set by legendary


more info tba!!



Saturday 1/8 :: HEAR 2011 Year Kick-Off

with an extended dj set by Wighnomy Brother


more info tba!!

Charles Fox - Hey guys, my name is Charlie and I'm an electrical engineer and DJ living in downtown Los Angeles. I'm passionate about great electronic dance music so feel free to check out some of my mixes. Hit me up on Facebook or send me a message anytime!

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