Deep housin’ it for ya

so i’m way too cranky right now after meeting with Dance Marathon people to write a long post about it, but basically they wait a month after telling me everything is alright and musically well to decide today (what, 10 days before the event?) that they can’t have house music at DM. I mean it’d be too weird to have DANCE MUSIC at $%@&#*$ DANCE MARATHON…whatever, like i said, i’m grumpy and i’ll post details after i sort it out with them.

But i’ll relax with some good music and you should too, here’s last monday’s deep house set, Oh and more importantly THANK YOU ALL FOR THE SUPPORT, it’s really quite exciting to actually have listeners for the show, this past show i had 60 people tune in and it felt great, so much thanks and stay tuned, here’s that sexy deep house:

DJ Synergy – Deep House Radio Set 2-06-2006

Charles Fox - Hey guys, my name is Charlie and I'm an electrical engineer and DJ living in downtown Los Angeles. I'm passionate about great electronic dance music so feel free to check out some of my mixes. Hit me up on Facebook or send me a message anytime!

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