Electronic Frequencies – Feliz Cinco!

Hey guys, after spelunking a deep house cave the past few days, I emerged feeling ready to share some knowledge from the Rulers of the Deep, Timewriter, Terry Lee Brown Junior, and so many more. Here’s a link and a tracklisting for my Cinco de Mayo 2010 show on UCLAradio.com:

  1. Kjofol – Thirteen People
  2. Matthias Tanzmann – Swim (Peter Dildo Swimming in Deep Water Mix)
  3. Twirdy and Pierce – Techno is Not What It Seems (Gorge and Nick Curly Remix)
  4. Passenger – Back to Tau City
  5. Okain – 717
  6. Bearweasel – Saturday Crouton
  7. Stan Kolev – Closer (Timewriter Remix)
  8. David K – Take It
  9. Jeff Bennet – A Valley to Cross (Diego Cid Remix)
  10. Alcatraz – Give Me Luv
  11. Cylon, DJ Meri – Sekvoia
  12. Eric Borgo – Mopti
  13. Pedro Cali – Misty (Rodriguez Jr Remix)
  14. Gorge – Ayomide (Kenquo Remix)
  15. Chris Fortier – Baby Wait
  16. Rulers of the Deep – Track Three (Curious George & The Agent Remix)
  17. Mark Holmes, Lewis Keykay – Plod (DJ Meri and Cylon Rub Mix)
  18. Terry Lee Brown Junior – Delightful Encounter (Greg Parker’s Revenge Edit)
  19. Terry Lee Brown Junior – Plastic City (Dub’n’pack Edit)
  20. The Junkies – Quatro Uno Se (UGLH & Federico Locchi Mix)
  21. Sabb – Cadence (UGLH & Federico Locchi Mix)
  22. Little Green Men – Need (Original Mix)
  23. Nalin & Kane – Beachball (Joris Voorn Remix)
  24. Ananda Project – Cascades of Colour (Danny Tenaglia’s Saffron Mix Edit)
  25. Affkt, Felipe Venegas – Meilan
  26. DJ Rico (aka Deep Ya’ll) – Deep is Deep (Deepmachine 2 Main Mix)
  27. Chymera – Wish (Peter Dildo Rawjuice Remix)
  28. CPR – A Piece of History (Crosson, Patrick, Reeves)
  29. Alex Israel – Penithboid (Dennis DeSantis Remix)
  30. Kevin Griffths – Cantona Kung Fu
  31. Timewriter – Back In School
  32. Agnes – Who Cares!
  33. Atjazz – Its Complete (Fred’s Complete Mix)
  34. Sam  Gigi РOn the Edge (Blakkat Dub)
  35. Rafa Siles, Affkt – Cocofai (Daniel Stefanik Live Jam Mix)
  36. The Agent, Curious George – Don’t You
  37. Alphawezen – Gai Soleil (Terry Lee Brown Jr)
  38. Ramon Tapia – Back to the Bush
  39. Nacho Marco – Elevator (Garcynoise Remix)
  40. New Phunk Theory – Twilight (Little Green Dub)

Download 320kbps version (316MB)
Download 128kbps version (210 MB)

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