Techno Stew for the Space Cadet in You – Electronic Frequencies 3/10/10

A spicy techno stew for you that brings in delightfully strange soundscapes and maniacal techno riddims at a deliriously slow 115 bpm tempo…

I had really just planned to play a few goofy techno tracks unmixed like the Bootsy Collins track for people who had been living under a rock without Dirtybird, but these intoxicating bombs got me in this swirl that needed a blen. Figuring out what the hell I was gonna throw in the blender was the real challenge. Now it’s way more technooo than I usually go, but these tracks are just too badass and wierd simultaneously and I wanted to share the vibe of a 8am wonkavision or 3pm poolside puddling that can utilize such slow tempos. Take note of LA locals Android Cartel as their whole Androidica EP is delicious and freshly baked. Spiced with tapatio and splashed with thinly veiled excitement for Sasha this weekend and Loco Dice last weekend at Avalon, tonight’s meal:

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Same mix, faster tempo

  1. Dave Aju – Tapatio
  2. Justin Martin – Robot Romance
  3. Lee Curtiss – The Disco Dub
  4. Active Sense – Squeeks & Kaoss (Jamie Jones’ Orinoco Mix)
  5. Frivolous – Busy Bee
  6. Faktor-X Projections
  7. Martin Eyerer – Cave Canem (Robert Babicz aka Rob Acid Remix)
  8. Tiefschwarz & Tracey Thorn – Damage (M.A.N.D.Y. Remix)
  9. Lee Curtiss – Life Lessons
  10. Habersham & Absence of Essence – Redneck Robotics
  11. Sasha – Who Killed Sparky? (Radio Slave’s Panorama Garage Remix)
  12. Android Cartel – Androidica
  13. Agnes – The New Beat Corp
  14. Sascha Braemer – Go Loco
  15. Claude VonStroke feat. Bootsy Collins - Greasy Beat (J Phlip Remix)
  16. Jamie Anderson feat. Marlek Alexander – Sunlight (Worthy’s Swisher Drop Remix)
  17. Deepgroove – Bad Acid (Style of Eye Remix)
  18. Sasha – Coma (Slam Paragraph Mix)
  19. Harry Axt – She is Different
  20. Deepchild – Stripjoint Mathematics
  21. Function – Disaffected
  22. Minilogue – My Teenage Gang
  23. Frivolous – Tuc Tuc Tuc

For the second half of the show I wanted to give some insight to Sety, Phil K, and Bill Patrick. Tracks 6-10 come from Phil K’s “Balance004″ and are just such great examples of classic, stunning progressive house:

  1. Pig and Dan – People
  2. Matthew Dear – Pinch & Pillage
  3. Butane – Mutation (Sety Circus Remix)
  4. Sety – Mogane (Guillaume & The Countu Dumonts Remix)
  5. Blaze – My Beat (Ambassador Extended Remix)
  6. Chloe – Midnight Travels EP (Another kind of Dream)
  7. Lostep Feat Lior Attar – The Roots (Dark Alley Grouse House Mix)
  8. TribalFusion – Buddha’s Groove
  9. PQM – The Way (PQM Deephead Dub)
  10. Lifestylus Of The Rich and Famous – Spinning (Instrumental)
  11. Timo Maas, Mad Dogs – Better Make Room (James Holden Remix)
  12. Eelke Kleijn & Nick Hogendoorn – Walkabout

Then a bit of Bill Patrick’s Electronic Grooves Podcast to wrap it up in anticipation of this friday:
Sety, Bill Patrick, Alex Villalobos, and Jake Patrick for Damaged Goods @ King King

And finally some lullabies from Sasha’s “New Emissions of Light and Sound” OST. Beautiful!!

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  1. 18/03/2010 07:45


    Bookmarking the tracks of your UCLA program under “My favorites@ my computer at work” for the first time

    I expect my productivity to go up. :-)\


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