Massive Attack + Martin Eyerer + Djuma Soundsystem = Auralmorgasborg?

This week’s radio show took on a healthy dose of variety and wonderweird as I wanted to make sure everyone had access to these need-to-know mojo-makers:

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Danny Tenaglia - one of my all time favorite housecats and inspirations – I figured I dig up something not everybody has heard with a good glimpse at an oldschool album of his you need to buy from 1995: Mix This Pussy 2 – Can Your Pussy Do the Dog?
Massive Attack - This shouldn’t be news to anybody after 20 years of their brilliance, but, ya need-to-know. I’ve also uploaded some of the video I took at their concert May 18th at the Wiltern. Check  it out!

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And then with thanks and gratitude to Incognito I’m lucky to see Martin Eyerer and Djuma Soundsystem tonight at their 3 year anniversary. Let me share some of their sounds with you and get you out to their event(s). They bring LA some of the world’s best tech house for sure and tonight’s no exception. Here’s a little bit on those two:

Martin Eyerer, aka Headhunter, Licht Und Kraft, Mart Van Straaten, Royal Flash, Spencer & Davis, is a true musician and is he is signed up to Systematic, Audiomatique, Great Stuff, Kickboxer and on English big names like Renaissance or i/o records, on top of being the label head of Session Deluxe and Kling Klong, where he has released artists like Koletzki, Namito, Oliver Klein, Robert Babicz and more. His high-end studio meets the highest requirements and has become an interdisciplinary interface for mastering (whether it is Hip Hop, Pop or Electronic) and he is also co-producing several mainstream acts (Eyerer e.g.became a gold record in UK). On top of all this, the Tech-House Posse around him like Gui Boratto, Oliver Koletzki, Toni Rios, Stephan Hinz, Namito, Chopstick, Oliver Klein or Robert Babicz come to ‘his house’ to jam. He is an innovator and leader of the groovy tech house scene, and INCOGNITO is proud to deliver his Exclusive 1st LA Appearance on this special night.

Djuma Soundsystem is a Scandinavian Duo composed of Lars Bjarno Jensen & Mikkas Skulstad. For the EDM World, they became famous out of nowhere by producing the modern classic and the best selling track of Beatport ever “Les Djinns”. Since then, they have never looked back and have come out with hits like “Zillion Lights (Get Physical)”, “This Sound (Brut)”, “Jaded (Toolroom)”, “Bipolar (Rebirth) and more, as well as remixing for Kaskade, Antix, Def Jagur, Philip Cohen Solal (Gotan Project). Or in other words, their music continues to shine fiercely on dancefloors all over the globe, with no signs of dropping off. So in their 2nd LA Appearance, and their 1st LA gig on a weekend, INCOGNITO is honored to have this duo go INCOGNITO and show LA denizens how its supposed to be done.

You’re probably lathered in eclectic wtfbbq sauce by now, let it download, marinate and please you.

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    thanks for posting this. Enjoyed the show!

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