Ok so the good news is that i’ll be relaunching the entire website next week so it won’t be so dark, nasty, and uninformative. I finally made some progress with Student Media and i’ll get the administrative information I need next week. Check out if you’re curious as to what framework we’ll be using.

Ok so the badnews, it’ll be lengthy but informative as to why I’ve been so “busy” or hectic the past two weeks. So after leaving 4 voicemails trying to tell the Dance Marathon people that I would be their puppet and play whatever they gave me as well as my finding of an additional hiphop/rap dj to help me, I get this timid and diffident email saying all of the timeslots are filled…you know what…here you go:

Pertinent Email Correspondence with Dance Marathon

Charles Fox - Hey guys, my name is Charlie and I'm an electrical engineer and DJ living in downtown Los Angeles. I'm passionate about great electronic dance music so feel free to check out some of my mixes. Hit me up on Facebook or send me a message anytime!

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