In addition to DJing and booking music for the Hive Gallery during exhibitions and the LA ArtWalk, I spent this summer working on the complete redesign of

My good friend, lilstickyrice, handled the graphic design while I tackled the architecture and functionality and I have to say, we’re pretty proud of how it turned out. The site requires very little publishing effort from the owner and allows for a simple, yet powerfully dynamic presentation of events, artists, and gallery news.


After helping GrooveTemple rescue their unfinished website from the failure of a previous web developer, I helped re-launch this online wellness community with BuddyPress and it features all kinds of wisdom on fitness, nutrition, and overall high-quality-living!

Back in 2005 was barely operational with dilapidated wiring and hardware,  crippled streaming servers, and a static webpage.

While completing my degree, I was able to completely redo the wiring and on-air phone system, install a Harris Netwave Broadcast Console, set up an Icecast stream, configure a new LAMP webserver with WordPress, and design the theme from scratch. It was under my administration until 2010.